The world is full of innovative ideas for everything we do nowadays. Coasters which are quite important for us because they protect the surface of the table or anything that we place our beverages on are also easy to make if you do not want to buy them from the stores. All you need to do is arrange some materials that can be used to make or decorate your plain looking coasters.

DIY Coasters Ideas

Here are a few materials that are very good to convert into trendy and cool coasters: 

Paint: If you have simple looking coasters or plain tiles or wood with you, you can use paints to make anything that you like. Geometric shapes, natural things etc, whatever makes you happy can be used and make beautiful and trendy coasters.

You can take a plain coaster like the one shown here:

Then paint it however you like, you may take reference from these images:


These coasters really look very cool on your table.

Scrabble pieces: Scrabble is more than just a game. You can use the scrabble pieces to make an interactive and interesting coasters. You can make coasters with small messages with scrabble pieces.

Crochet: If you are good at crocheting, you can crochet a coaster too. All you need is a fabric, crochets and some time. These coasters will not only look beautiful but show off your crocheting skills too.

Shelf liner: If you have unused shelf liner and you need something to do with it, you can use them on coasters and make them attractive. All you need is a cheap coaster, tiles or woods on which you can stick the liners and make good coasters.

Wooden palettes: If you need a rustic coaster, you can use small wood palettes that can be be stuck together with a adhesive glue. You can also use paint to make them more attractive.

Comic books: If you are a comic fan and love super heroes, just take a small tile and stick superhero or favorite comic character pictures on it. You can either use the pictures of the same character or different characters as per your wish.


Magazines: Many people have a bundle of magazines that are of no use to them once they have read it. If this is the case with you too, you can use magazine papers to decorate your coasters. 

Gift ribbons: Gift ribbons are a very good option to make coasters. All you need to do is roll them and stick them with a glue. These coasters will look so unique and interesting that you will fall in love with them.

Photos: For giving your coasters a personal touch, you can use the pictures of your family or friends on the coasters. Take out the pictures in equal size and stick them on the coasters with a glue.

Jar lids: If there are many empty jars in your house and you do not use them, you can take out the lids and use them as coasters. You can make them very interesting by using some paint or other decorative things.

Clay: Use clay of different colors and make a coaster by mixing them. This will give the coasters a very gorgeous texture.

Wine corks: Wine corks are also a very good choice for making homemade coasters. Just attach them together and use paints to make some attractive textures on them.

Rope: If you some rope and some paints, you can make very trendy coasters for yourself. Roll the rope and stick it and just do a little painting on it.

Wallpaper: Wallpapers can also be used to make coasters look cool and interesting. Find some unused wallpapers, and get to work of making coasters.

Maps: Using maps is a very stylish way of decorating your coasters. All you need is map pieces and some glue with which you can start making good coasters.

In case, you are not interested much into paintings and art, you can visit and look for interesting and classy coasters for yourself. All you have to do is visit the website and choose the coasters that you love.


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