Funky Ideas to Decorate Your Walls

Decorate your walls with these funky ideas mentioned in this article. Decoration in your house not only makes it look beautiful and attractive, but also represents your character and mood. So when you decide to decorate your walls, make sure that the design you choose matches your character and also gives your house a classy and gorgeous look.

We present a few wall decorating ideas that you can use on your house walls, usually the plain walls.

Use of rustic baskets

If you are a person attached to the rural lands or natural areas, then this decoration style will definitely attract you. If you already have a basket at your home, you can use that, otherwise you can get rustic baskets very easily and at a very low price. Either hang them on the wall without any modifications or you could do some colouring too.

Hang unframed drawings

Such decorations will look very good on stairs wall. If you love to paint then you can either start painting on the wall or draw something on a paper and hang it on the wall without putting them in any frames.

Showcase a bookshelf and art

If you love reading and have a large collection of books and have no idea how to easily manage them, make or buy a beautiful book shelf and place it in front of a plain wall. This will make it easier for you to keep your books in a manageable way and also act as a decoration in your house.

Fake a collection of books

Do not have a large collection of books, but like the idea of book shelf?? Well, do not worry because you do not need a lot of books for this decoration. Just a painting of book shelf with many books in it will do the job. Just start painting a bookshelf filled with books on your wall.

Empty frames of different shapes

If you do not want to display your photos on the walls, you can just hang empty frames on the walls for giving a trendy look to your wall. This will look good on walls which already have simple patterns on it.

Geometric shapes

Drawing geometric shapes on your walls or making them using washi tape will make the walls look classy, simple and attractive. You just have to choose the colour of your choice or the washi tape of the design that you like and start making geometrical shapes on the walls.

Coloured pencils wall art

If you have many pencil colours but they are of no use to you anymore, don’t think of throwing them because you can decorate your plain walls with them. Just make small platforms and attach the pencils on them. This is a good decoration for your kid’s room.

Plate wall art

Sometimes the old plates are of no use, when you buy new plates. Such plates just increase the mess in your kitchen. If this is the case with you too, you can use these plates for decorating your walls too. You can hang these plates on kitchen walls, stair walls or even in the dining room.

Add an over sized photograph

If you have a large room with big walls, you can try an over sized photograph that matches or suits the colour or the pattern of your wall. This will not only make the wall look dull but also enhance the beauty of your room.

Use hats

You can use hats not only for covering your head, but also decorating your home walls. If you have many hats, you can hang them on the walls. This will give you an easy access to your hats so that you can take them while leaving your house for a hangout and also give your wall a very different look.

Photo collage wallpapers

Everybody has a collection of pictures, either solo or with friends or family. You can choose the best pictures among them and make a collage. This collage can be used as a wallpaper to decorate your wall.

Display framed family photos

If you do not want to make a wallpaper out of the photos, you can just frame them and hang the photos on the wall. This will cover the plain walls as well as display the strong bond that you share with your family. You can also choose photos of your close friends along with your family pictures.

Ruined books and newspapers

You can also use books and old newspapers that you do not want to red again. You can tear the pages of the book and stick them on the wall or you can stick the newspapers on the wall. This look will be good for people who are in love with reading.

Honeycomb wall art

This is one of the mostly used wall decorating styles. You just need to make a honeycomb pattern on the entire wall or just a portion of the wall and fill them with colours that you like.

Bring outdoors in

Outdoor things like grass, stones, etc can also give plain walls a very attractive look. You can either use dry grass or a coloured broom to give this look in your house.

Break up an over sized photograph

As said earlier, hanging a large photograph on the wall is a good decorating idea, but you can also make some modifications in this. You can break the photo in grids, circles or any other random shapes and hang all the pieces on the wall as a complete photo. 

Paper butterfly, birds etc

If you love nature and like to be as close to it as possible, you can bring naturalism in your house too. You can make paper butterflies, birds and other natural things and stick them on the wall. 

Patterned wallpaper

Many people like simple designs and patterns instead of very catchy decorations. If you are also one of them, you can make simple patterns with paints or washi tapes.

Maps as wallpaper or framed maps as paintings

People who love to travel can use a map as a wallpaper or can hang framed maps on the walls. This will not only be a decorative idea, but will also inspire you to travel and follow your dreams.

Use a large leaning mirror

In a small room, using a large mirror can be a good idea. This will work as a decoration and also make the room look bigger and spacious. Use a mirror that suits the wall colour and texture.

Wall of mirrors

Instead of using a large single mirror, you can also use many small mirrors and hang them on the wall.

Try strips

As mentioned before, many people like things that are simple and classy. One of such idea is to use strips on the walls. You can choose colours of your choice and paint the walls.

Use sconces

Wall sconces are also a very good idea if you cannot decide what kind of decoration you want on your wall. Just go to a store and choose a sconce and hang it on your wall.

Inspirational quotes

If you are one of those people who are full of self motivation, you can write down some inspirational quotes on your walls that will help you keep up with your motivation level. If you write them in your handwriting then it will also have a personalized touch to it.

Doodles on the wall

This is a good idea if you are interesting in doodling. You can just think of a doodle and start painting it on the wall. You can decide the size of the doodle on your own.

These ideas are cost and time effective. you can decorate your walls with these ideas without much hard work.

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