How to look simple yet stylish

Not everyone has the same body shape and type. So if a dress is looking good on one person, it doesn’t mean that it will look good on you too or vice versa. Same applies to the makeup. Some look good with heavy makeup and some only with light makeup. So, this article is all about the ways of dressing and makeup which will make you look very simple yet stylish.

Dressing tips to look simple yet stylish

Most people want to wear simple dresses but in a stylish way. So here are a few tips on what you can do to look stylish even while wearing your simplest dresses:


The most important thing when wearing a dress is that it fits you well. If a dress doesn’t fit you, make sure that you get it altered by a tailor. Wearing dresses with bad fitting can make you look awkward instead of good and stylish.

Time and place

Make sure to wear dresses that look appropriate for a particular place or situation. For example, going to office in a very shiny and revealing dress can not only make others comfortable but also make you look like an idiot.

Take advice from others

When you are buying a new dress, make sure that it looks good on you. Also you can take advice from your best friends if the dress fits you well and makes you look good.

Social situations

When dressing up, you should think about the situation and place which you are going to, wearing that dress. For example, going for a wedding and going to the office are different things and you need to dress up according to that only.

Clothing communicate

Just like most of the personality developers say that your body language speaks a lot about you, your way of clothing also reflects you to the other people.


Either a jacket or a pair of jeans, they are definitely going to give you a cool and stylish look. All you need to do is find a jacket of pair of jeans that suits your body type.

Take care of your clothes and accessory

Taking good care of your clothes and accessories guarantees their longevity. The more careful you are in keeping your clothes, shoes, earrings, necklace etc, the longer they exist.

Take things which suit you

Before buying a dress, you should know your body type and according to that only you should select a dress for you. Don’t take dresses that do not suit your body type, instead look for something that works well for you.

Quality of dresses

You should always buy dresses with good quality if you want a thing for a long run. This will guarantee that you will not have to waste your money again and again on same kind of dress.

Comfort ability

You should choose clothes in which you are comfortable. If you are uncomfortable in a dress, don’t wear it because then you will be concentrating on how you and your dress look instead of concentrating on other important things.

Keep cleaning your wardrobe regularly

Having a large number of dresses is only going to increase the mess in your wardrobe, so you should regularly check and donate/ take out the dresses that you don’t either require or don’t wear anymore.

Makeup Tips & Tricks

The most important aspect of putting makeup on is to know your skin type, tone and color. On the basis of these factors only, it is decided what kind of makeup do you need to put on.

The best makeup is when it seems as if you have not put on any makeup. Here are few steps that you could follow to put some simple, natural and stylish makeup:


Before you start putting makeup on your face, it is important that your face is clean and all the dead skin cells are removed. Choose a cleanser as per your skin type to avoid any problems.


Moisturize your face with a moisturizer and even out your skin tone. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. If you have a dry skin, choose a moisturizer with hydrating benefits and if you have a oily skin choose a lightweight moisturizer which is oil free. For sensitive skin also, lightweight moisturizers are available that do not cause any irritation.


Every girl dreams for a flawless skin, but not everyone has it. To conceal the flaws, you can use a concealer that will hide all the blemishes. Just like cleansers and moisturizers, concealers are also different for different skin types.


Using a foundation that matches your skin tone is very important, otherwise it will not look good. Also make sure that the foundation is blended well and you cover your neck and eyelids while applying foundation.


Choosing the correct color of the blusher is important so that it gives you a natural look. Choosing warm colors like peach and pink is better than cool colors.


It is good to use a lipstick of color that matches your natural lip color to give you a natural look. Start with the center and blend out.

Eyes and eyebrows

Having good shaped eyebrows is important. It should neither be very thick, nor very thin. Also care should be taken to choose the correct color of eye shadow. Light colors are used for highlighting and dark colors for receding.

Mascara and eyeliner

Using a mascara will make your eyelashes attractive and good. If you use eyeliner, make sure that you use appropriate amount of it.

Considering these points, you can easily carry the simple and stylish look.

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