Importance of Friends in Life

We spend more time with our friends than we do with our family. No matter if we are in school, college, working in an office, or going on a trip or something, we need someone to be there for us and that someone is our friend. It is said that “A life without friends is like garden without flowers”. That’s true because there is no life without friends. There is no fun, joy or excitement without them in your life. There won’t be any mesmerizing movie plans, birthday plans, trips, tours etc without them. There will be no one to laugh with you when you are happy and no one to share your tears.


A friend is there for you at any moment of your life. They are going to love you, irritate you, kick you, kiss you, abuse you, praise you and no matter what they do, they will be there for you when it really matters. Your best friend is going to be there for you if you are happy, excited, sad,.frustrated and no matter what tornado of emotions you carry inside of you, they will calm you down with their magic tricks.


A best friend is not going to show you how much they love you all the time. They will actually be kicking your ass instead of showing their love to you, but in such relationships, you know it deep inside that they respect you and love you more than you can even imagine. 

Your friends or best friends are the ones who make your life beautiful and enjoyable. You can be more comfortable with them than you can ever be with anyone else. Your best friends are going to be the most selfless person you ever meet after your parents. They are going to care for you even when you stop showing that you care. They are here for you in your present and will be there in your future to support you. You are too comfortable with them that you can act like an idiot in front of them and instead of judging you, they will show you how to be a bigger idiot. 

You will never have to tell them what you feel because they understand you even before you speak a word. They are going to be honest with you, telling you about your flaws and praising you for every good thing that you have. It is said that a best friend praises you in front of others and talks to you about things that you need to improve to you personally. They are going to tell you that you need to hear but others are too scared to tell you. They are not just going to tell you about your flaws and bad habits, but also be patient to help you improve.

They won’t be physically present with you all the time, you may not talk to them for days, weeks or months, but meeting them after a long time will also seem like you just talked yesterday. A best friend is one whom you can trust blindly. You know that no matter what, they are going to keep the things to him/her only.

Just like any other relationships, friendship also has its ups and downs. You will fight with each other due to various reasons, but at the end you know that you still love your best friend and he/she loves you back too. Finding such a friend is a difficult thing so make sure that when you actually find someone lie this, don’t let that idiot go. It is true that your best friend is sibling from another mother. It is true that every relationship needs effort to make things work and in the same way friendship also needs to be cherished with love, care, respect, playful fights, fun, jokes etc.




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